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Teach you how to quickly solve the printing problem

Release Date:2016/4/11

In the process of printing production, the printing network often appears the plug version, once the plug edition is not only to reduce the printing quality is also very affect the printing efficiency. Even more unfortunate is printing dot products are often large customers, such as Wahaha, Mengniu and other fast moving consumer goods of the carton, these orders, often printing 1000 copies need to stop rubbing the printing version. Once the plug version will increase a lot of downtime, resulting in low production efficiency, but also will cause the loss of the production of cardboard boxes. How to solve the problem of plug edition.

In general, the fast consumer products more than a few boxes and more delicate, then what is the cause of the plug version of the problem, we usually find that the ink and printing plate and operation caused by the plug version.

First, ink

1. The ink flow of poor printing production time, some operations like into the cartridge ink to adjust slowly, make the ink storage volume more in the middle of the roller and rollers. This approach is applicable to full version printing, because the ink is slow, leading to increase the amount of ink on the printing plate, but the printing dot or fine word will appear in the plug version of the phenomenon.

Solution: to prevent printing ink must speed up the flow of ink, by adjusting the pressure of the pump can be solved.

2. The ink drying too fast ink from the roller transferred to the printing plate, printing and then transferred to the paper, due to the ink drying too quickly, ink drying on the printing plate, so that the ink accumulation formation of a plug of version of the phenomenon in the print edition.

Solution: the more good judgment, when cleaning printing plate, printing ink is difficult to wipe, general is ink drying too quickly caused, by adding new ink or slow drying agent to solve.

ink viscosity is too high ink viscosity is too high will cause plug version, causes and mobility difference is the same reason, reduce the viscosity of the ink can be solved.

Again is ink in dust and paper powder into ink, dust through the ink system transferred to the printing version formation plug version.

Solution: through the filtering net is additionally arranged in an ink inlet tube, mesh in 120 mesh can be. To control the printing viscosity, improve the printing color concentration, the general viscosity control in 9 seconds or so more appropriate.

Two, printing plate and roller matching

Printed version of the mainly due to the mismatch of printing and roller, such as 300 to roller to 80 lines pattern printing, so this proportion will often the plug version, because the net 300 mesh hole is too large, ink transfer assembly in printing ink, printing dot plug version, resulting in printing plate and anilox roll mismatch.

Solution: the ratio is 1:4.5, the ratio is reasonable.

Three, operator error

Personnel operation mainly is too large and lead to the printing plate deformation, caused by the expansion of the printing network, and the resulting mesh plug, printing pressure gap is generally the thickness of -0.3 mm.

Methods: liberation to train the operators, to prevent the printed edition plug phenomenon as a result of excessive printing pressure.