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Printing ink preservation should pay attention to what?

Release Date:2016/4/11

1) safety first, ink storage should be kept away from fire and heat, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

2) the Treasury in the best to keep a constant temperature, and the printing workshop temperature difference should not be too poor. If the difference in temperature of the two, the ink on the printing shop in advance, not only conducive to the stability of the ink performance, but also ensure the high efficiency of production.

3) in some areas of the north, winter weather is cold, you should avoid storing the ink in the outdoors, to prevent the ink gelation occurs at low temperature phenomenon. If the ink occurs cementations, can be transferred to the high temperature of the warehouse, or in hot water, the insoluble matter can be recovered.

4) in the storage and management of ink should also follow the "first in first out" principle, namely the first purchase of the first use of ink, ink for a long time due to storage and affect its use.

5) after printing the remaining ink must be sealed and stored in the shadows, in the future production can be recycled. In the re before use must first use the filter more than 100 mesh, fully stirred and then with the new ink mixed use.

6) ink also has a certain shelf life, if stored too long, ink formulations in the various components may occur separation, precipitation phenomenon. Therefore, the ink is not suitable for long-term preservation, the general preservation of the limit to 1 years or so is appropriate, otherwise it may affect the printing quality, and even cause printing failure.

7) the best seal to avoid dust.