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CMYK four color ink printing ink use know-how

Release Date:2016/4/11

Four color ink printing ink tips

From the experience of value, the total amount of four-color ink should be less than 300, unless you have a close cooperation with the output, printing department. Do not believe? Well, please open the Photoshop to a New file into CMYK format, and then fill the black, in short, as long as you can! Then, open the info display board, the mouse on the screen, see the info CMYK display, will add up to the four percentile of how much? 266! Far less than 300. You must pay attention to this point, the total amount of color too much, is definitely a bad thing. Okay, okay. Because the color of black ink limit, relative to the proportion of other colors will be increased, the image is not easy to be bright. What to do? The total amount of printing ink (since restricted, when adding black, will reduce the proportion of other colors. )

The best way is of course as much as possible black channel management. The image is converted to CMYK color space, establishing accurate black channel, help to describe the details in shadow and contrast changes of the region better. Add details and increase the contrast of the image can enhance the color saturation, which will make your eyes feel like the image's color than the actual color is more bright.

We know that image color CMY inks will lack of contrast, blurred, especially in tone change region and dark region. Plus the black channel, the image will appear more clearly, the color will be more vivid. Because black to enhance the appearance of the contour effect, that is to say, the picture has played a role.

However, a simple increase in black ink does not guarantee a perfect color. For professionals, it must be concerned with how much black, where and how to establish the best ink distribution balance between the channels.

The total amount of black ink determines the total amount of black color in the image relative to the other three color plates. For most types of images, it is more appropriate to set the light black, which is equivalent to the traditional printing of the outline of the black, that is, only use the appropriate black to increase the contour and enhance the contrast and detail. If the color correction, you need to increase the amount of black image, you can increase the contour from the black start, so that it is conducive to maintaining the clarity of the image.