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UV gold and silver ink on the use of the attention point

Release Date:2016/4/11

Notes on the use of gold and silver inks for UV printing:

1, gold and silver ink due to the heat will gradually lose its glory, so please do not keep in the high temperature, the more humid place.

2, gold, silver ink and general ink is relatively small, so in the printing must pay special attention to the fountain solution and ink balance.

3, according to different water supply device has different standards, the general IPA control in 5% (Japan) within the scope of the use of the appropriate amount of IPA, can make good printing adaptability.

4, the way of printing, if it must be to make the machine stop, be sure to with the layout detergent wipe clean, and then and then coated with a layer of protective film, so as to prevent the layout of the oxidation, in this case if force to wipe layout, gold and silver ink in the metal powder will scratch space, creates the dirty, so when polishing, don't too hard.

5, wet humidification overprint bad performance, please open and gold and silver ink overlay printing ink roller distance; or lower after printing, and the second day and the upper printing, the effect will be better.

6, if dirty, water and dirty, handle aliasing, etc., please use slightly hard ink or adding 10-20% of the hard type of dilute the ink, and a moderate reduction in the amount of ink coating. In addition to dilute the ink occasions, it is best to use how much to do much, please do not long-term preservation.

7, coating, polishing and other processing, if more than the amount of gold and silver ink coating and the use of good absorbability of printing paper, due to the metal powder on the surface, machining liquid can not be painted, or after processing the adhesion of bad phenomenon, in this case, please mix about 10-30% of the dilute ink, if coated with a layer of varnish is better. Or in order to accelerate the drying, can add 1-2% drier.

8, gold, silver ink printing, if stored in high temperature, more than the wet land .